A veteran in youth ministry for 20+ years, he now travels as an evangelist, spreading the Gospel to students and adults all across America and overseas. Most recently, he has traveled to the nations of Kenya, Madagascar, and Mexico for ministry and leadership.

Unlike most evangelists, Cornell is known for his creative messages, unique illustrations, and infectious personality. A true “discipleship nut,” he’s driven to see to it that this generation understands the importance of a strong foundation of faith in Christ Jesus. Over the course of his ministry, he has seen people from various races, cultures, economic backgrounds, and denominations come to see Jesus Christ in fresh new ways.

In addition to his work in the ministry, Cornell has gained some invaluable experience with other youth-related fields. Some of the areas in which he has worked include Residential Treatment for Youth, Juvenile Corrections, and Child Protective Services. He believes that these experiences have enabled him to minister more effectively to the youth he meets and to the families they come from.

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